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Electric fencing plastic post

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DeLaval plastic posts Our posts are made of durable material and have several fixed insulators. The foot has a spike that can be efficiently driven into the ground. The specially designed foot on our premium plastic posts is reinforced and durable.

Plastic post for cattle:
8. Basic 102 cm. Art. no. 87284001
9. Standard 105 cm. Art. no. 88600301
10. Premium 108 cm. Art. no. 94247031
Plastic post for horses:
11. Basic 140 cm. Art. no. 94247040
12. Premium 142 cm. White, Art. no. 94247041 Blue, Art. no. 87896401
13. Premium 169 cm. Art. no. 94247042

14. Premium 75 cm. Art. no. 94247066Plastic post for wild boar, pigs and golf courses:

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