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Electric Fence Energizer E250M

Electric Fence Energizer E250M

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Core benefits

  • Powerful mains powered unit
  • For long fences with heavy undergrowth

Energizer E250M works according to EN 60335-2-76 A:12 and operates during normal conditions with optimal fence voltage but reduce the energy output to a safe level just lower than 5 joules. If the standard pulse cannot hold a pretended minimum voltage the energy rises to the max capacity of the energizer in order to keep the voltage output on a high level. By this the energizer optimizes the energy output in order to keep your animals secure and the fence safe.
This is the most powerful energizer allowed according to the EN 60335-2-76 standard.
Stored energy is 25 J with energy consumption of 35 W. Maximum output voltage 10.600 V.

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