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MC31 Milking cluster

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DeLaval milking cluster MC31 is designed and engineered to deliver optimal performance from milking to milking for small to midsized dairy operations. This all-round, no frills cluster features a 250 ml claw with a big milk outlet to handle milk flows efficiently and safely ‰ÛÒ minimizing unwanted cross-flows and milk plugs. It is simple to use and cost-effective to operate. DeLaval MC31 will meet the demands of most producers milking less than 12000 kg per lactation.

Core benefits

  • < 12 l/min flow capacity
  • 250 ml claw size
  • 16 mm inner Ì÷, outlet
  • 2,7 kg weight
  • Bottom unload

Features and advantages

An all round cluster for fast, efficient milking
DeLaval milking cluster MC31 will meet the demands of producers milking less than ten hours a day or with cows producing less than 12,000 kg per lactation.

Fast flow capacity
It handles higher milk flows than most other clusters by utilizing a bottom unloading design. A 250 ml claw features a big milk outlet to handle high milk flows efficiently and safely, minimizing unwanted cross-flows and milk plugs. Vacuum fluctuations are reduced under high milk flows by 12 mm claw milk inlets.

Design innovations
DeLaval MC31 has an optional automatic shut-off valve that protects milk quality during accidental cluster kick-offs. Patented oval-shaped short milk tubes help ensure efficient milk evacuation.

Safe to use
A transparent plastic claw bottom makes it easy to see milk flow and helps reduce the risk of over-milking. It features an optimized liner design to provide even and safe milk delivery to the claw.

The short milk tube‰۪s diameter complies with current industry standards and greatly reduces the risk of milk plugs or cross-flows.

Milker and cow comfort
DeLaval MC31 is designed to fit nicely in the hand and is easy to work with. This reduces milker stress and fatigue. The vacuum can be started and stopped with one hand. The cluster is well balanced and fits comfortably on the cow to reduce animal stress during milking. DeLaval liners and shells are designed to stimulate the teats and encourage fast milk let-down for quicker milk-outs. This range includes liners specifically designed for dual breeds. DeLaval MC31 provides a comfortable milking routine by reducing slips, squawks and unit adjustments.

Technical data


  • Weight: 2,7kg
  • Short milk tube Ì÷: 12mm
  • Outlet ID: 16mm
  • Claw volume: 250ml

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