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Harrier Clippers c/w A6 Blades

Harrier Clippers c/w A6 Blades

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CC34A Harrier Clippers c/w A6 Blades 1.5kg/325w Motor/Blade Speed 2200rpm

Additional Information

  • The Harrier is a 220/240V, 325 watt, 1.5kg clipper.
  • It features an air cooled motor and a Wolseley designed air baffle which blows the air away from the operator.
  • The Harrier is fitted with a 4m rubber cable with moulded plug and a thermal overload switch for safety.
  • By removing 2 screws the clipping head can be easily removed and replaced with a sheep shearing head with A5 blades.
  • All kits are supplied in a red double walled moulded case with a set of blades, a clipper brush and a 200ml spray can of Wolseley clipper oil.
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty against normal wear and tear.
  • The Wolseley Harrier is the ideal heavy duty clipper for use in the farm. It is certainly the clipper Wolseley would recommend if one wants to clip cattle and horses and shear a few sheep. This clipper is also recommended for industrial use (carpet and brush machines).

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