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Greenoak Meter Manager

Greenoak Meter Manager

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Additional Information

The Meter Manager is the communication centre of the dairy parlour between the operator and their animals.  It can control the milk yield indicator, feeding, pulsation, ACR, attention notes, separation and allows for expansion with auto ID.

How does it work?

The Meter Manager allows for indiviual milking characteristics of each cow.

  • Adjustable milk let down delay.
  • Soft start and milk sweep take off facility.
  • Suitable for rear or side leg milking.
  • The accuracy of the yield will be within 5% of the bulk milk tank.
  • Remote start available.
  • LED attention indicators, which can be set in the parlour, need to be pressed twice to acknowledge the note:
    • Hold milk
    • Dry cow
    • Treatment (audible alarm)
    • Separation when linked to Parlour Server and/or Auto ID
    • Bulling
  • Feed enticement available.
  • Suitable for all types of parlour and feeding equipment.
  • Programmed via the keypad.
  • Can be linked to a resistive sensor (4162) so that the equipment can be sold and upgraded as follows:
    • ACR
    • ACR + pulsation
    • ACR + pulsation + feeding (via a feeder control)
    • Expand to Milk Yield Indicator and the Parlour Server
    • Expand further with Auto ID
    • Expand again with a Sperataion Gate