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DeLaval Milking Parlour

  • £25,000.00

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Delaval milking equipment. All equipment is less than 2 years old and in fantastic condition.

NO stalllwork - Can provide and fitt a full parlour if required.
Local collection required or can be delivered - please enquire.

We have the following equipment available.,

  • 4 x left cabinets MP780
  • 4 x right cabinets MP780
  • 8 x ICAR apporved MM27 blood and conductivity milk meters
  • c200 2 dose pump standalone wash system
  • New PC with latest heardmangement software
  • System controller
  • Logmein remote access
  • 8 x Evanza milking cluster
  • 8 x foldable wash units to suit clusters
  • 2 x IRW walk by ID readers for the parlour HDX
  • 1 x 2-way sortgate easily upgraded to 3-way