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Delaval DCC portable cell counter

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Complete starter kit includes DCC, Bag and 72 Cassettes
Please see drop down box for new cassettes and spares

Precise and fast somatic cell count measurement

    Speed and precision is critical when dealing with mastitis. We know that the best way to measure the somatic cell count accurately is to count the somatic cells under a microscope - which can be time consuming, or impossible to do on your farm. DeLaval cell counter DCC counts the cells automatically. A digital camera takes a picture of the somatic cells’ nuclei and it counts them one by one. You get an accurate measurement within one minute, empowering you to act as fast as possible.


    Measurements from milk tank, or down to animal udder quarter level

      Mastitis is one of the biggest and most costly diseases in dairy farming today. It is important to detect an infected udder as early as possible in order to prevent the spread of mastitis. The direct DCC generated somatic cell count, provides the information needed for strategic decision making, e.g. separating mastitis cows, placing high somatic cell count cows last in the milking order and initiating early medical treatment. The measures taken will ensure the quick recovery of infected animals, minimal milk production loss as well as reducing the spread of mastitis through the herd.


      Ease of use

        We want to make your life easier. To perform a SCC test, just use the cassette to suck up a small amount of milk and slide it into the DCC. The result of the SCC sample shows within one minute after the cassette is inserted. The DCC is always ready to go - bring it where you need it. You don’t need to send a test sample to the laboratory any longer – just bring the DCC.