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DeLaval Cow Mattress M40R

Core benefits

  • Seamless surface - easy to keep clean
  • 30 mm thick foam cushion

A dairy cow puts most of her weight on her front carpal joints as she lies down. If that pressure causes pain, she will remain standing. But if your cow stands for too long, her natural behaviour will be disturbed: she will eat and drink less and her feed utilization will suffer. This will result in less milk.

Cows experience well-being when they can rest at least 12 hours a day and can get up whenever they need to. When cows behave naturally, blood circulates properly, they are less stressed, their digestion works better and they produce more milk. Optimal cycles of rising and lying also help the recovery of foot lesions. DeLaval cow mattress M40R is designed to encourage your cows to lie down and get up easily, so that they can behave as naturally as if they were out in the pasture.

    Technical data


    • Thickness: foam 30 mm, top-cover 8 mm, plastic foil 0.2 mm
    • Foam sheet sizes (cm): 120x150, 120x170
    • Material: polyurethane/latex, rubber, LD polythene


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