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DeLaval Calf Hutch CH2

DeLaval Calf Hutch CH2

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Core benefits

  • Extra large hutch for growth periods up to 8-12 weeks of age
  • Single calf rearing reduces calf infections and transmission between calves
  • Extended roof protects against sun and rain
  • Top and back ventilation minimises pathogen load and build up of ammonia
  • Opaque roof and walls gives maximum uv-protection and stable indoor temperature
  • Durable: one-piece moulding
  • Smooth surface: easy to keep clean, does not promote growth of bacteria or spread disease
  • Rear door facilitates easy feeding and bedding and extra adjustable ventilation
  • Feed manger with two buckets; splash guard, bolts to right, left or rear side door with “stay open” function

However, there is a well-proven method for keeping calves healthy during their first few months: to keep them separated. And now theres a professional way to keep them apart.  A method that lets you take care of your calves in a cost-effective way.

DeLaval calf hutches offer a number of very special advantages:

  • extra protection from sun, rain and drafts
  • heavy-gauge materials – extremely durable and easy to clean
  • features which enable cost-effective work routines with ATV, truck, etc

Protect your calves from the elements

DeLaval calf hutches have been designed to provide a dry, comfortable environment. The hutches have extended roofs to protect calves (and feed) from sun and rain. Top and back ventilation minimise pathogen load and build up of ammonia. And the completely opaque roof and walls shade calves from the sun.

Durable and easy to clean

Rota-moulding is becoming the preferred way of producing large products in plastic. One main reason is strength: because an entire structure can be made in a single, solid piece, there are no stress points which can weaken it. A second reason is the smooth and durable surface of rota-moulded polyethylene: this makes it possible to ensure the hutch is really clean before the next calf moves in.

Large-scale efficiency, small-scale care

With both a side-door and rear door, you can decide where to place the feed manger. This gives you the flexibility to decide how you want to organize your feeding and bedding routines. Many farms position hutches in a row and use a tractor to drive down the row delivering feed, water and bedding.

Extend hutch with pen fencing

DeLaval CH3 can be combined with a fence made of hot-dipped galvanized steel. The fence creates a pen allowing the calf to spend time outdoors, move around and see other calves. The pen also makes it easier for you to observe your calves.

183043233 Shell only hutch CH2 1.000 PC
183043234 Manger CH2, CH3, CB1 1.000 PC
183043228 Rear door, 3 in 1, for CH2 1.000 PC
183043229 Side door CH2 1.000 PC
183043230 Aluminum rod CH2 1.000 PC
183043231 Top vent CH2 1.000 PC
183043232 Hutch hardware package CH2 1.000 PC
183043211 Bucket 9.5l for CB1, CH2, CH3 2.000 PC

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