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Ambic MilkSampler Complete

Ambic MilkSampler Complete

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AS200 Ambic MilkSampler Complete (Single) 200ml

Additional Information

The Ambic MilkSampler is an invaluable herd management tool – it is ideal for checking the constituents of milk and somatic cell counts of individual cows or goats*.

MilkSampler is ideally suited to the new NMR Essential Sampling Service and comparable schemes outside the UK:

  • Protein Analysis – improve the marketable quality of your milk
  • Somatic Cell count – universally recognised measure of milk quality
  • Bactoscan – overall measure on how hygienic your milk is
  • Bacteriology – identify particular strains of problem bacteria
  • Progesterone Diagnosis – identify when your cows are in heat
  • Antibiotic Residue Testing – a safeguard for Farm Assurance Schemes
  • Now fitted with a new ultrasonically-welded body cap which is suitable for use with back flush systems

*The MilkSampler takes a small yet representative sample across the whole milking which is suitable for herd management purposes. However, it is not suitable for collecting a proportionate sample for butterfat sampling for official ICAR records.

It should be noted that the Ambic MilkSampler is a herd management tool, not a herd improvement tool.