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500 cow milk filter

500 cow milk filter

  • £1,511.38

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FS060 Emperor

  • Suitable for herds up to 500 cows
  • Side inlet and top outlet to suit 40mm delivery line
  • Manufactured from high grade polished stainless steel for optimum hygiene
  • Milk flow is out to in, to allow the forces to be distributed over the total filter surface
  • Comes complete with bottom drain outlet
  • Drained milk is filtered and suitable for the tank
  • Filter to be installed vertically prior to the plate cooler
  • Diaphragm milk pump or delivery line air purge used, install filter away from pump
  • Filter sleeve FS46, 965mm x 150mm, 38” x 6”
  • 100 micron bonded fibre cloth, double sewn to provide extra strength for higher flow rates

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