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Ambic Teat Dipper

Ambic Teat Dipper

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The Ambic Non Return Dip Cup was developed from the pioneering StandardDipper to become the No.1 selling dip cup in the world. The innovative non return design ensures clean, full strength chemical for your cows' teats. Contaminated chemical cannot get back to the reservoir bottle.
  • Incorporates the original design features of the StandardDipper
  • Non return design prevents contaminated chemical returning to the dip cup bottle
  • Clean, full strength chemical for each cows' teats
  • Specially designed splash-proof lip and overflow chamber to reduce spillage and overflow
  • Soft squeeze bottle for ease of use
  • 30ml dip cup capacity
  • Available in a range of colours for pre- and post- dipping applications
  • Convenient belt hook
  • Legendary Ambic quality

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